Phison utility

Phison flash id (for S5/S8/S9/S10/S11)
Phison nvme flash id2 (for E7,E8,E12,E13,E16,E18,E19,S12,S13?)
Phison nvme flash id (for E7,E8,E12,E13,E16,E18?,E19? unlocked only)
Phison S12 flash id (for S12 unlocked only)
Phison nvme flash id (for E7,E8,E12,E13) - obsolete
Phison usb flash id (for usb flash drive controllers include U17/U18)
Phison S11 unlocker - obsolete, use Phison flash id v0.8+
Phison S5/S8/S9/S10 smart config update
Phison S11 smart config loader
Phison firmware info and extract
Phison S10 repair
Phison S11 repair
Phison S9 firmware flasher
Phison S10 firmware flasher
Phison S11 firmware flasher v2

SandForce utility

SandForce info
SandForce info report archive
SandForce flash id rommode
SandForce flash id
SandForce CDU decoder
SandForce power managment
SandForce sata mode
SandForce SSD diag unlock key reset to default
Intel/SandForce SSD disable smart 0xAA/0xE8 treshold
SandForce CDU updater
SandForce CDU loader

SMI utility

SMI flash id (PATA,SATA,CF,SD)
SMI nvme flash id
SMI nvme drivers

Indilinx utility

Indilinx Barefoot info

Marvell utility

Marvell 88nv1120 flash id (SATA)
Marvell 88nv1160 flash id (NVME)
Marvell 88nv1120 repair

JMicron/Maxiotek/Maxio utility

JMicron identify (JMF605-670,MK8115,MAS0902,MAS1102, also read FIDs for MAS*)
JMicron flash id (JMF605-670,MK8115,MAS0902)
Maxio nvme flash id

Realtek utility

Realtek flash id
Realtek nvme flash id

Yeestor(SiliconGo) utility

Yeestor(SiliconGo) flash id

Innogrit nvme utility

Innogrit nvme flash id

Tenafe nvme utility

Tenafe nvme flash id

NVME utility

NVME secure erase (format unit)
NVME smart logger

Some utility

ATA identify and smart
Random r/w benchmark
Random r/w file benchmark
NAND Parameter page decoder
Asmedia usb to sata/nvme bridge firmware reader
Jmicron usb to sata/nvme/ufs bridge firmware reader

Some results

NAND Parameter page samples

Update history
Last update 06.05.2024